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Re: Kazaa sotto attacco, prequisiti gli uffici (Voto: 1)
da mooner il Luned́, 13 aprile @ 01:33:03 CEST
February 10 this year, a satellite of buy cheapest generic viagra [riereta.net] the communications deceased Russian collapsed against an American commercial space ship, thousand generators of pieces to revolve around the remnant.
To the moment, some observers put the odds of such Order generic viagra online [riereta.net] an event that occur to millions, maybe billions, to one.
But the experts had warned for the years that the cheapest cialis generic Canada [riereta.net] space of the useable became crowded, to help the possibility of a serious collision.
They debated the two for better monitoring of the space Buy sildenafil citrate 100mg [riereta.net] environment and for policies aimed to leader the production of remnant.
On the two past years, several incidents attracted the attention to the problem of space remnant.
We have understand the environment in which our discount price viagra [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] infrastructure of space operates Jean Jacques Dordain, general manager, Esa in January 2007 indeed, China tested an anti satellite weapons system while destroying one of his/her/its own space ship.
According to the army American, one Seated test created Where buy generic viagra [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] 2,500 new pieces of remnant that were in the vicinity of the satellites of the jeopardising since.
In February 2008, USA used a system of the sea missile buy viagra in UK London [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] thrown to knock a satellite of the capricious spy down charged with fuel.
Then March 12 this year, a near approach by a buy viagra in Australia [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] piece of remnant that measures 1cm roughly (0.3in) forced the crew of the International space Station (ISS) to shelter in their Soyuz flight encapsulates Russian.
There is thought to be a few 18,000 objects bigger than 10cm revolving World, but millions more that are smaller.
The intact satellites share the orbit of World with all of stages of rocket tracks, the tools lost on spacewalks and wreckage of space ship to paint the flakes and dust. They are more than social rejects half one century of human activities in the space.
Russian sat down complicated in the collision of February buy viagra in Canada [www.moodle.pk.edu.pl] watched of the orbital speeds of 27,000km/h something as this (17,000mph), even the minuscule pieces of remnant can stun a satellite or can kill a spacewalker. And as the number of pieces of remnant grows, makes the threat of collisions therefore.
The satellite to protect is below efficient for the objects 1cm. purchase viagra online without prescription [www.moodle.pk.edu.pl] But beyond that action to avoid the collision of the dimension - to order that the satellite moves the path of remnant - can be the most prudent option.
America has the most sophisticated system to track some buy canadian generic viagra [www.moodle.pk.edu.pl] objects in orbit. His/her/its army operates 25 centers around the world to track some objects in the space; together they understand the Network of the Surveillance of the space American (SSN). Until now, Europe was largely dependent on USA to know what enters on in the space. But the European observers have for some time looked at this situation as inadequate.
Space-based systems that provide the data of the time exact buy cialis without a prescription [catrionaward.com] telecommunications and the satellite navigation maintains, play a more and more vital role in the economy of Europe.
To make reference to the threats that face these space of the based assets, Jean Jacques Dordain, general manager of the European space agency (Esa) says: "We cannot continue to develop the operational space infrastructure and to ignore these other elements."The Hay stack American and the radar HAX track centimeter remnant classified according to the size that he/it added: "We must understand the environment in which our infrastructure of space operates indeed."Therefore, in November 2008, the ministers of space approved a 49.5 proposition of million of euros to prepare the path for an European system that will support the watch on orbital remnant, objects close to worlds (NEOs) and solar activity.
Together these phenomena could threaten lives and infrastructure cheapest generic viagra online [catrionaward.com] in the space and on the earth. An advanced capacity to direct such threats is known like Space Situational Conscience, or SSA.
The civil servants will spend three years that distribute that that buy viagra in New York [catrionaward.com] Europe has need to develop his/her/its capacities in the space situational conscience. They will have need to formulate a politics of the security of the data as well as consider what infrastructure must be constructed from scratch and how the existing probes can contribute.
The radars use track some objects generally in orbit of low world, cialis tadalafil 20 mg [zspg1.krosno.pl] while the optic telescopes use observe more often far from the objects far from the World. To listen to them at the electronic doors can be used not to distribute the satellites so either are active - a discipline known like intelligence of the signals, or SIGINT.