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Re: Kazaa sotto attacco, prequisiti gli uffici (Voto: 1)
da mooner il Marted, 14 aprile @ 00:28:21 CEST
The French politicians repulsed a cheap generic viagra online [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] ticket that proposed this people caught music of the downloading that three times should be cut of the internet illegally.
The legislation, sustained by President Nicolas Sarkozy, would have established a hard global precedent in to regulate the piracy of the internet.
The industry of music asked for the stricter cheap viagra pills online [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] laws as incomes fell.
The ministers said a version amended of the ticket would enter before parliament in the next weeks.
The new legislation would have operated FREE sample of viagra cialis [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] under a "three strokes" system. A new agency of the state would send in first an e-mail of the warning, then a letter, to file illegal sharers and cut their report finally for one year if they had been caught a third time.
He/it has been sustained by the two the film industry and record.
But some groups of the consumer had warned that cheapest place to buy viagra [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] the people pain can be punished - if the pirates should divert the identity of their computers, and that the plan went up to declare the surveillance.
The Patrick socialist parliamentary Bloche said best price viagra online [vss.scv.si] that the ticket was "dangerous, useless, inefficient, and very risky for us citizens."Although the legislation has been approved by the Senate, the superior house of France, that it has been beaten in a vote of the National assembly.
Two members of M. the government of the mail order viagra without prescription [vss.scv.si] majority of Sarkozy joined the socialist opposition in to vote against the ticket, in a protest to an amendment that would have made the users who had been forbidden, continue to pay for their tickets of the internet.
The government now keeps the re present the legislation later in parliament this year.
In answer to Lord the Numeric of Cover buy no prescription viagra [vss.scv.si] report of Britain, the orange offered to install a network to make it.
But, in return, he/it wants a part of the specter possessed by Vodafone and O2.
Steve Blythe, head of strategy of the buy viagra without a prescription [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] specter to Orange, explained as the views farms the question.
"It was a long standing problem. Other countries of the different European where there was some level of specter redistribution that the government of United Kingdom doesn't have however benefits the opportunity to make that", it said.
"900Mhz are key for our ambitions to large Canada online pharmacy viagra [catrionaward.com] strip mobile and assure an equal play ground. If he/it is not published O2 and Vodafone will have some considerable advantages" of the cost, he/it said the BBC News Web site.
The 800Mhz bandages specter that is similar in buy cialis in Canada [caribbeanmis.mymisclass.com] nature at 900MHz bandages will be published as the conversion to numeric television frees specter used currently by the analogous services.
But, said Blythe to M., it won't be with available realism until mid 2013.
"We think that it will be an useful FREE viagra without a prescription [caribbeanmis.mymisclass.com] complement but he/it won't replace 900MHz of them short-term and without it we cannot deliver on the agenda of Britain Numerique", he/it said.
Vodafone remained mute on the question. He/it cialis canadian pharmacy online [zspg1.krosno.pl] didn't provide any public answer to the report of Britain Numerique and a spokeswoman said the BBC News Web site: "While we actively participate in the discussions, made it solve us that these remain behind closed doors."Andrew Ferguson, publisher of site of news to strip large ThinkBroadband, wondered if the mobile is even the best technology to deliver the universal broadband.
"The mobile has its own problem. As ADSL, buying generic cialis online [zspg1.krosno.pl] the cover is better nearest you are at the low station that means that they are going to raise a lot of new towers", it said.
He/it could have some questions there also with cheap viagra no prescription online [zspg1.krosno.pl] the things as the quality of pictures on the Web site.
"The mobile broadband crosses of the pictures a technology of the compression. He/it works but you cannot necessarily feel that you get the value of your money", he/it said.
Finally he/it said he/it could have questions of the performance there also.
"I live in London where all operators say that Buy Viagra in Greece [zspg1.krosno.pl] they have the cover and I cannot always get that he/it works. It is not as reliable as my report original ADSL that I had in 2000", he/it said.