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Re: Kazaa sotto attacco, prequisiti gli uffici (Voto: 1)
da mooner il Gioved, 16 aprile @ 19:30:40 CEST
Tory MP Damian Green, who was arrested as part buy cheap Fosamax online [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] of an inquiry over Home Office leaks, will not face charges.
There was "insufficient evidence" to bring a buy cheap Flomax online [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] court case against the shadow immigration minister, the Crown Prosecution Service said.
Mr Green, arrested last November, said he was buy cheap Famvir online [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] "very pleased" at the decision, calling the government "authoritarian".
But Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said it would buy cheap Clomid online [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] have been "irresponsible" for the police not to have taken action.
She announced the police inspectorate would conduct a review of the "operational aspects" of the inquiry but the Home Office said it was too early to say what its scope would be.
Sources have indicated that the Home Office is buy cheap Crestor online [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] far from satisfied over the decision not to charge Mr Green, but Northern Ireland Secretary Sean Woodward said: "What matters now is to move on."
Mr Green - MP for Ashford - and Home Office worker buy cheap Celexa online [zspg1.krosno.pl] Christopher Galley, who passed on the information, have always denied any wrongdoing over the leaks, forwarded to the press, which related to immigration and crime.
Mr Galley will not face prosecution either, the CPS said.
Mr Green, speaking outside Parliament, buy cheap Celebrex online [zspg1.krosno.pl] said: "I'm obviously very pleased with the director of public prosecutions' decision this morning."
He added: "This has been an extraordinary buy cheap Avapro online [zspg1.krosno.pl] period. One of my jobs as Conservative immigration spokesman is to expose the many failings of the government's immigration policy.
"That's precisely what I was doing in this buy cheap Amoxil online [zspg1.krosno.pl] case and that's why ministers were so embarrassed.
"That has led to the first arrest of an buy cheap Allopurinol online [vss.scv.si] opposition politician for doing his job since Britain became a democracy.
"I cannot think of a better symbol of an out-of-touch, authoritarian, failing government that has been in power much too long."
Mr Green told the BBC the last five months had buy cheap Diflucan online [vss.scv.si] been "pretty tough", saying: "From the moment I was arrested I thought 'This is not just an outrage; it's completely absurd'. Nothing I have ever done has been improper."
Director of Public Prosecutions Keir Starmer was asked to look at claims that Mr Galley had committed misconduct in public office and that Mr Green had aided, abetted, counselled or procured such an offence.
In his statement, he said there was a "high threshold buy cheap Diovan online [caribbeanmis.mymisclass.com] before criminal proceedings can properly be brought", and that he had considered the "freedom of the press to publish information and ideas on matters of public interest".
He added: "I have concluded that the buy cheap Doxycycline online [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] information leaked was not secret information or information affecting national security."
There was "insufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction against Mr Galley or Mr Green".
But Mr Starmer also said there was "evidence upon buy cheap Effexor online [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] which a jury might find that there was damage to the proper functioning of the Home Office" which "should not be underestimated".
said he had taken press freedom into account and that it buy cheap Elavil online [www.crcsi.ecampus.com.au] had to be "recognised that some damage to the proper functioning of public institutions is almost inevitable in every case where restricted and/or confidential information is leaked".