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Re: EDonkey, sequestrato sito italiano (Voto: 1)
da mooner il Venerd́, 10 aprile @ 18:29:31 CEST
I went to see the protests yesterday. I got some messages of buy viagra in Australia [www.newmedia.edu.au] colleagues that of the protests will have, but I didn't know how dangerous he/it was going to be.
Him there had fought between students and the police. My colleague has been hit by police's agent.
The students threw some stones in the building, to buy viagra in Sweden [etulia.malha.eu] break most windows. Some of my colleagues entered and said later that they went to the 14th floor, broke all and put in fire the chair of the president and portrait.
I was afraid and I observed it on which went. I think buy viagra in Greece [moodle.iguru.eu] there were probably some acts of vandalism, as the breaking of circulation fires, but to part it, people had an authentic reason for protest.
I was there and I can tell you that the protesters have not buy viagra in Dubai [vss.scv.si] been drunk. How does ten of thousands of people keep is drunk at the same time? My colleagues knew what they made and whatever they made was for a good reason.
The students are dissatisfied with the result of the election. Most people who voted for Communism are of old people, but the old people die and there are the youngest people who now vote that before. Therefore the result is not undoubtedly true. It is not logical.
We don't want not to be governed anymore by the buy viagra in Saudi Arabia [moodle.irrelombardia.it] Communists. I think the Communist Party should be banished, just as the Nazi party is banished in Germany.
I went to the protest during my fracture of the buy viagra in France [moodle.solki.jyu.fi] lunch. The protesters were of mainly young people. You could rarely see someone older. There are a lot of buildings of the government in the region and the government's workers have been warned not to attend the protests, otherwise they can be dismissed.
When I arrived, they had begun rightly to throw some stones in buy viagra in Montreal [moodle.blythjex.com] the building. Before the police used water to disperse the crowds. It created tension and it is what began them to go.
I agree with the protesters, but I don't agree with what buy viagra in Germany [jedi.wv.com.br] they made. He/it is not civilized.
Most people in Chisinau voted for the democratic parties. I asked friends, neighbours, for people on the street.
Indeed in the villages where there are only old people buy viagra in Korea [freddiekeepingyourhome.credabilityu.org] left, most people would vote for the Communist Party. But the young people of our country want a better life, they cannot be satisfied with $150 per month.
here it is share a lodging for [vote] fraud. I think 10 of them - 15% are missing. I visited some villages as part of my work where 200 new names appeared on the lists of the election with no one to know that these people are.
It is just an example, but also, it is not clear what happens buy viagra in Singapore [zspg1.krosno.pl] when you change the address, or when you go abroad and some of these data can be used to manipulate some results.
The international media paints this as a big protest: there could buy viagra in United Kingdom [campus.umh.es] not have been 20,000 people to attend. The space between the parliament and is the presidency so small, how can it have so many people there? I would say, there were 2,000 people at more.
I have been afflicted by the attacks on our president. It is unacceptable to throw some eggs to our national blazon. It is unacceptable to throw some stones on our brothers, the youngsters of 20 years of the national guard.
And it is completely unacceptable to disrespect our national buy viagra in England [www.auladeformacion.com] dignity. Everybody has the right to express their thoughts and beliefs, but it should be made in a respectful path.
I was in the elections and I gave my vote. It was a big event for us to choose our next parliament. I don't have any idea like that can succeed in rigging the elections given the presence of a big number of international observers.
People make these accusations because they are not happy but they don't have any proof whatever.
The Communist Party invested a lot in the last four years. They buy viagra in New Zealand [elearning.impact.org.au] invested in people, infrastructure, education, they also raised the pensions. We are a poor country but we are now less poor than has four years.
During this time, protester that Safiullah Ghauri, 24, told the BBC that he saw the M. Tomlinson that lies down on the earth in the Threadneedle Street moments after he had collapsed.
He/it said: "I asked everybody to call the PARAMEDICS police... When buy viagra in Manchester [www.sspberatung.de] they came some of the protesters tried to stop the ambulance that passes.
"They were before him and I repulsed one or two of it and shouted to them to try to solve a path through.
"Some of the protesters became out of control."He/it said that buy viagra in Liverpool [huledu.hule.harryda.se] he/it thought some of it about the distrust of the protesters of the services of the emergency was a result of behaviour of the police during the demonstrations.
M. that Ghauri, of Hague in Middlesex, he/it said let a message for the IPCC but didn't hear anything behind.